Follow up EEE 2016

Hier die Berichte und die besten Fotos vom Egyptian Event Europe und der Gestütstour / Please find here the reports and the best photos of the Egyptian Event Europe 2016 and the farm tour:


The Egyptian Event Europe 2016
Much more than a title show

Photos: Joanna Jonientz, Jan Kan,
Monika Savier, Carola Toischel
Layout: Mario Brunetti




PSE: The Farm Tour 2016

by Maya Jones







An American on the Road with the
Egyptian Arabian Horse in Europe

by Keri Wright

Auswahl eingesandter Bilder / photo selection:

weitere Impressionen / more selections

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Egyptian Event Europe 2016
27. – 28. August 2016

Schloss Dyck, 41363 Jüchen/Germany

TrailerEgyptian Event Europe – Aftermovie – 2016

All Photos © by Joanna Jonientz
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The list of the this year´s Stallions Parade and breeding drawing at the Egyptian Event Europe 2016!

In a lot draw during the show the breedings of this stallions have been raffled…
Congratulations to all winners of a breeding.

Our special thanks go to all stallion owners for donating a breeding of their stallions
to the breeding lottery!
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„Al Adeed Al Shaqab – last time in Europe“

The Highlight of the Gala Evening was the 21-years old
World-Champion-Stallion  “Al Adeed Al Shaqab”
who will go back to his home
from Europe in a few weeks:

aladeed01 aladeed02

our warmest thanks to Sheikh Hamad Ali Al Thani for the pleasure to see him last time in Europe and say:  Good bye to the great ,,Al Adeed Al Shaqab”  

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