EEE 2003 – Baden-Baden


– Back to the roots –

After years of “Exodus” was the “European Egyptian Event” returns to the picturesque and historic racecourse Baden-Baden/Iffezheim. In December 2002, the Pyramid Society Europe eV had elected a new board, who in turn found a group of dedicated people. They founded the “Pyramid Foundation”, which took over the organization of this wonderful show. The weather was perfect, maybe a little too hot. (Really Egyptian temperatures for an Egyptian show!) A relaxed schedule gave everyone plenty of opportunities for conversation. Over a hundred straight Egyptian horses from different countries (even from Canada and USA!) Came before the judge, Walter Koch (Germany), Silvia Garde-Ehlert (Germany), Christina whales (Sweden) and Dr. Gianmarco Arangno (Italy). Some people were probably surprised because none of the Egyptian judges breeds horses, but that’s what was important in the wise choice on the part of the “Pyramid Foundation.” The first championship was already held on Saturday afternoon, for the colt. The judges chose as the elegant filly champion of Sadah-Madheen (Maydhan-Madheen Shahneekha x), bred and owned by Horst Preuss. Reserve Champion was the winner of the stallion foal class: Salaa-Maysan (Salaa El Dine x Mansoura I) drawn and owned by Walburga Manz. Photo: Erwin Escher Junior Champion Filly Shabbura HB (Maydhan-Madheen Shahneekha x) breeder and owner: Horst Preuss, Germany On Saturday we saw some interesting filly classes. Each winner and each runner would have earned the championship title. But the choice for the junior championship of the mares was unanimous: the ultra-fine brown Shabbura HP, a full sister to Champion filly. No wonder that breeders and owners Horst Preuss smiled from ear to another. The trophy for the Reserve Champion Uwe Jürgen Wagner could for his typey Pyramid Laneya (ad Pyramid Set El Nil) to accept. She is a daughter of the distinguished young stallion Al Lahab, with a very fine head and good topline. Photo: Erwin Escher junior champion stallion was Jamil Ibn Maymoun AR (AR Yashmay ad), bred and owned by Dr. Ali Radjai The quality of the colts was overall not as good as with the mares. Some viewers were amazed if the election of judges. They expected maybe the winner of the 3-year-old, the strong output Pyramid Aalin to see as champion? However, the title went to the winner of the yearling class: Ibn Jamil Maymoun AR (AR Yashmay Maymoun x) drawn and owned by Dr. Ali Radjai. This stallion has a pretty head, a long, not too well placed neck and a slightly long back, but also very, very good mover with lots of erection. The reserve championship went to the studs and Tami El Arab from Israel for its apple mildew Massubi (HF Darius x Tamar Manara), winner of the 2-year-old stallions. Photo: Doris Melzer 218 Elf Layla Walayla (Assad x 223 Ibn Galal I) was not only senior champion, but also the best horse show The decision of the Senior Champion was not for the judges on Sunday night so easily. Six white beauties stood before them, and Loubna Isabella HG (first and second of the mares 4-6 years old), Samara and Naarah El Jamila-1 (first and second of the mares 7-10 years old) and 218 Elf Layla Walayla and Gameelah (first and second of the mares 11 years and older). There was no great surprise that the title went to 218 at the end Walayla Elf Layla. This daughter of the 223-Assad Ibn Galal I come from the State Stud Babolna, Hungary, and is owned by Nayla Hayek. 218 Elf Layla Walayla is now 12 years old and a thoroughly Arab beauty. She was successful at various international scene in the 1990s, and she has not forgotten. The mare came straight from the pasture after they had enjoyed a good bath and was presented superbly by Eric Dorssers. As reserve champion mare Loubna left (from the Imperial Kalatifa), bred by Ariela Arabians and Gemeinschaftsbesuítz by Ariela Arabians, and Portsdown Arabians, USA, the square. Loubna is one of the few Imperial Imdal daughters, who keep Ariela Arabians, Israel. The dapple gray mare has a fine head, a well-placed throat and a very good top line. Just six years old she is not only extremely typey, but also very feminine in expression. Photo: Erwin Escher Senior Champion Stallions Mosalli (Imperial Imdal Musaliha x) Breeder and Owner: Ariela Arabians, Israel It was a tough day for Keddar Chen, manager of Ariela Arabians, because they could then immediately take the trophy for the Senior Champion of Stallions contrary. Another Imperial Imdal descendant, Mosalli (from the Musaliha), stood in front, where he had also won the title 2000th Since that type of charisma Mosalli won yet and was presented in perfect condition, always proud and prancing. With 114.66 points, he achieved the highest mark of the show. In his class, he defeated the U.S. pulled Anaza Farid El-son Farres (ad Shameerah), owned by Karija Arabians, Canada. So then was the order in the Championship, before Mosalli Farres. Farres for it was the summer of the third reserve championship titles in succession. Mosalli was still “Supreme Champion Stallion,” while 218 Elf Layla Walayla this title achieved in the mares. The last big decision – for the “Best Egyptians 2003” – had to be made late on Sunday evening (still handsome at 37 degree heat!). Mosalli won this title in 2000, but this one struck by the feminine beauty of the 218 Elf Layla Walayla. She was able to pick up the proud owner of the company-sponsored Maybach (Daimler-ChryslerI Cup. Aside from acting, organized the “Pyramid Foundation,” a stallion parade. Ten internationally well-known purely Egyptian stallions were presented on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. A glorious sight! Among the ten no less than three sons of champion sire Maysoun (Ansata Halim Shah x Maysouna) were: the youngest stallion F Shamaal, the oldest participant Orashaan and the multi-champion-Maydhan Madheen (himself the “Best Egyptians” of the “European Egyptian Event “in 1998 was). A good example of the influence of Maysoun on the breeding of Arabian horses in the recent past. The audience was able to take this opportunity to admire the view stallions up close and talk with the demonstrators or the owner of the horse. A fantastic picture, all this show and breeding stallions in a row, proud, some of the neighbors watching carefully, however quiet to handle and easy in every second. A good advertisement for the Arabian horse. However, not only beauty was excellent, but also performance. Two long-distance rides (open to all races, but with many purebred Arabians in the field of participants) were organized. The organization of this part was not so good, not everything went smoothly for the participants, but this will certainly change the next time. Photo: Doris Melzer Judith Forbis presented the two winners of the 80-kilometer distance, ride the honor awards and emphasized the value of this sport for the Arabian horse breeding Judith Forbis, which this year is the 45th Stud anniversary of “Ansata Arabian Stud” (USA), celebrated the winners announced at the prize winners of the 80-mile ride and above forms, which play an important role in endurance rides in the Arabian horse breeding. Photo: Doris Melzer One of the winners of the endurance rides (80 km) was JKB Masound (ET Ibn Halim Shah x Masouda JKB) under Ines Lisko This ride was won by two ladies and their horses, hand in hand came the riders cross the finish line. Ines Lisko with JKB Masoud (ET Ibn Halim Shah x Masouda JKB) and Melanie Arnoldt with Halim Reyan (Dalia Halim x Moawada). Photo: Doris Melzer also won the distance ride (80 miles): Halim Reyan (Dalia Halim x Moawada) under Melanie Arnoldt With these pure Egyptian horses proved that Arabians are not only beautiful, but also can be powerful. Both JKB Masoud and Halim Reyan are sought from parent lines and from international championship winners. There was a special treat for Judith Forbis, that both lead their outstanding horses in his pedigree sire Ansata Halim Shah (each, a paternal grandfather). Photo: Doris Melzer A further innovation. cash prizes were awarded to the successful presenter and her team was victorious on this show, the team led by Frank Spönle It was a successful debut for the “Pyramid Foundation”, under the direction of the Friedman family, Preuss and sister’s husband. Breeders of straight Egyptian horses and friends look forward with excitement to the future and will hopefully see again in 2004 in Baden-Baden!