Wolfgang Eberhardt passed away the 27th of October

Most of our members are likely to be organized by the VZAP and will be surprised to learn of the sudden death of Wolfgang Eberhardt on the 27th of October. He was one of the founders of the PSE.  There are only a few people who invested their time and energy into the support of the Arabian horse over so many years. Just recently the ANC under his management celebrated 70 years of VZAP. After having gone through so many difficult situations of the registry and after saving his organisation this anniversary can be named a special success of him. We are very thankful and full of respect for his permanent and successful effort.

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Egyptian Event Europe 2019

“Best in Show” For Hikayet Hob AA

It was on Eid day when four-legged beauty Hikayet Hob conquered the European crown of Straight Egyptian mares at the Egyptian Event Europe in front of the most splendid castle “Löwenstein”. All championships, except one Silver and one Bronze, were accomplished by horses bred and owned in the Middle East.

Amidst old trees in the 16-hectare English park with almost one kilometer of riverbank on the Main lies in the castle Löwenstein, about 45 minutes away from Frankfurt Airport. The castle in the grassland was planned by court architect Louis Rémy de la Fosse in the style of the late French Baroque. The residential construction is characterized by the twelve-spoke wheel windows. Two pavilions facing west are flanking the main courtyard; formerly the Marstall and the Leibgarde resided there. Nowadays, castle Löwenstein is not only a winery and a conference hotel but foremost the home of the lord of the manor, Alois Konstantin Fürst zu Löwenstein, and his family. The family zu Löwenstein acquired the property as early as 1721. In the main part of the three-wing complex is the marble hall with a ceiling painting by Ambrosius Reith, which celebrates the victory of the virtues over the vice.

In the run-up to EEE, Bettina von Kameke, president of the Pyramid Society Europe, organized a lecture about the many possibilities of reproductive technology which was sponsored by Kuwait’s’ state stud farm Bait Al Arab. The lecture was held in English by Michaela Kölling, director of a semen collection center and specialist for fertility of mares. Afterward there have been intensive discussions. This discussion was also the product of latest WAHO resolutions.

The presentation of non-show horses was intended as a platform for European breeders. They were invited to present horse families or individual horses showing their horses beyond competition and to use a chance to display their breeding lines even without Noble Festival this year. This offer was used only occasionally, but was very well received by the audience.
German PSE members and longtime breeders Hain, Seidlitz-Oster, and Tabler took the opportunity to present their horses during a break for a special presentation.

Other members of the PSE were successful in the classes such as from Austria Family Titze-Stuzzi with their stallions.

Intisar Saif El Dine  by DF Najib out of Sultani BKA II breeder Ingrid Titze-Stuzzi

Intisar Shamsu Nader by NK Nader out of Samawi Bint Al Hawa

After Lanaken and castle Dyck, Löwenstein was the new event venue for this year’s Egyptian Event Europe (EEE); with its magnificent, three-winged country castle Löwenstein provided a magnificent backdrop for Hikayet Hob’s amazing success.

The victory of the Al Ayal AA daughter Hikayet Hob AA should not be a surprise as she was named Kuwait All Nations Cup Straight Egyptians Gold Champion Junior Filly as a result of the unanimous vote of the judges. Back in the show ring as a senior, Hikayet Hob AA entered for European soil and wowed judges and spectators likewise. The shimmering white mare won her class easily with the highest score of the show with 132,25 points, including unanimous 20’s for Head and Type. The next step on her way to the top was the Senior Mare Champion which she again won unanimously. Thanks to the highest score, Hikayet Hob AA was also named Best in Show – Female, much to the delight of her proud owner Ahmad Abdulaziz Albabtain of Abhaa Arabians, Kuwait.

Hikayet Hob – her name reminds of the Book of Job and the prophet Job who had a good and prosperous family. The reigning Best in Show comes from another excellent, prosperous family. Being an Al Ayal AA daughter out of Hamdiyah AA, Hikayet Hob AA traces back on both sides of her pedigree to outstanding broodmare supreme, The Vision HG who died just one year ago.

Next to Hikayet Hob AA, Tibrah Al Shaqab (Farhoud Al Shaqab x Twom Hiddiyya) and Alma GB (Nader Al Jamal x Zarka) were awarded Silver and Bronze.

ZL Latifa by BK Latif out of ZL Mayran Bint Maydara with breeder Lilli Franke

However, it was the foals which opened the series of championships. Lilly Franke of Al Firdous Arabians, Germany, who received the Gold award for the second year running. The fine three-month-old BK Latif daughter ZL Latifa, out of ZL Mayran Bint Maydara (tracing back to well-known Maysouna), was placed first in the class and was awarded Gold Champion Foal, too. Next to ZL Latifa was NDA Nile Shira, a Bashir Al Rayyan daughter out of NDA Shariha Bint Shanah (tracing back to UP Shari). This Silver winning, two-month-old filly is bred and owned by Nile Dawn Arabians, Germany.

The yearling championships were given in the order of the classes. Ammad Albabtain of Abhaa Arabians was successful with another Al Ayal AA daughter. AB Deem received Gold after winning Bronze at the Kuwait ANC Straight Egyptians earlier this year. Her dam is Dalal Zamani, a full sister to multi-champion Wadad Zamani who was Senior Champion Mare at the 2017 Egyptian Event in Kentucky, USA.

Al Shaqab received Silver for the Al Rasheed Al Rayyan daughter Saeeda Al Shaqab out of Nouf Al Shaqab. Dana Al Rashediah, by Jamil Al Rayyan out of Maleeha Al Rashediah, bred and owned by Al Rashediah Stud, was awarded Bronze.

The first Gold Champion for Al Shaqab secured Naaem Al Waab (Barraq El El Aliya x Nabeela Saqr), bred by Al Waab Stud but now standing in the halls of Al Shaqab. The grey colt represents an interesting pedigree, combining the lines of three globally influential broodmares in his pedigree: Ansata Majesta, Ansata Selket, and Ansata Nafisa. Silver winning DY Suhail Al Beda’a (Hadban Al Naif x DY Ghalia Rayyan) was bred in Denmark but is owned by another Qatari stud, Al Bidda. The Bronze Champion Messaoud Al Maya (Naseem Al Rashediah x Kameelia Al Kamar RB) is bred owned by Mrs. Josiane Kleiber-Gosselin of Al Maya Arabians, France.

Messaoud Al Maya

In the Junior Fillies Championship, Abhaa Arabians were successful again as their Asinaat SA accomplished Gold. The 2017 born grey filly is by Shams Sharav AA and out of Amasi Al Ayal, by Al Ayal AA and out of Malaak Sabha. Asinaat SA offers a similar combination of bloodlines like Hikyat Hob AA. Like in the Senior Mares Championship, Silver and Bronze were given to Al Shaqab Stud and Al Rashediah Stud. Ambera Al Shaqab (x Dawlah Al Shaqab) made her contribution to Ansata Nile Echos’ “Best Sire” award for the second time in a row while Al Rashediah received Bronze for their Suhal Al Nasser daughter Salma Al Rashediah (x Sallamah Ezzain).

In the Junior Colts Championship, Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Al Thani celebrated a double success in his function as manager of Al Shaqab Stud and Al Rayyan Farm likewise. Asfoor Al Rayyan unanimously received Gold Champion Junior Colt. The two-years-old is by Hilal Al Nakeeb, who was leased by al Rayyan Farm in 2016. Ghalia Al Zobara, Asfoor’s dam, represents lines from Al Rayyan and Al Shaqab as she is by Ashhal Al Rayyan out of Inra Al Shaqab. The Al Shaqab bred colt Sadeer Al Shaqab (by Sinan Al Rayyan) received Bronze. He is out of Kawkeb Al Shaqab, tracing back to Ansata Bint Halima, and represents the fifth generation of Al Shaqab Stud. Silver winning Hanine Al Shahania is by Al Adeed Al Shaqab out of Shomos Al Nasser who is tracing back to famed Pharrah (Farag x Tamria). As the name suggests, Hanine Al Shahania is bred by Al Shahania Stud but belongs to Marina Novotna, Czech Republic.

Hanine Al Shahania by Al Adeed Al Shaqab out of Shomos Al Nasser

It was SM Bariq (Sameh Al Rayyan x Shawq Al Nasser) who was one step ahead in the Senior Stallions Championship. With the highest score of all males (131,25), the five years old stallion accomplished not only Gold Champion but also Best in Show Male. SM Bariq is no newcomer to the show ring. While standing in Italy, the stallion garnered championships at the 2017 SEWC and 2019 EE in Milan for proud breeder and owner Salman Stud, KSA. His exclusive pedigree combines some of the most stunning Straight Egyptian mares in recent years like RN Farida, Bint Saida Al Nasser, Ansata Majesta, and Ansata Samantha.
The Silver Championship was given to a bright bay stallion, Asayel Raheeb, by Naseem Al Nakeeb. His dam F Shubani Bint Al Lahab is by World Champion Al Lahab. Sired by Naseem Al Nakeeb, Asayel Raheeb combines the most influential Hanan descendants like Ghazala, Jamil, and Salaa El Dine with the famed blood of Lutfiah on the paternal side of his pedigree. F Shubani Bint Lahab is Asayel Raheeb’s dam, a daughter of World Champion Al Lahab and a granddaughter of champion producer Maysoun and tracing back in tail female line to the global influential Rodania through Nazeera – Malaka – Bint Bint Riyala. Already an accomplished Gold Champion in the Middle East, competed successfully in Europe winning not only Silver at the EEE but at the Elran Cup as well.

Bashir Al Rayyan repeated his win of the previous year and accomplished Bronze Champion. Bred by Al Rayyan Farm, the Ansata Nile Echo son is out of G Shafaria and owned by Sheikh Mohammed Mubarack Al Thani. Also, Best Breeders Worldwide award was given to Al Shaqab Stud which took home two Gold, three Silver, and one Bronze championship.

Comments from visitors received were positive regarding the classy background and the comfortable sleeping quarters directly in the castle, close to the showground. The stylish surrounding did not take away the friendly and familiar atmosphere. The EEE is not only about show and seminar, but it has also become a social meeting point. Even the princely family also took part in the dinner in the Marble Hall with a fascinating ambience and talked to many spectators during the show. The show ring was so close that all the horses showed their full potential. Stable tents and showground were separated and yet easily accessible much to the delight of the trainers, handlers and their teams.

Susanne Bösche

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Pyramid Society Stud Farm Tour 2019

As almost every year right after the Egyptian Event, the Pyramid Society Europe did organise a farm tour – this time in the heart of Bavaria.
A lovely group of enthusiasts from different Countries, such as Germany, Netherlands, Danmark and Switzerland were joining the group.
The start of the tour was already on Sunday afternoon, right after the Event. For this purpose, Bettina von Kameke has chartered a small bus to go on tour. The very first stop was in Wassertrüdingen, where we have been welcomed by the whole Gerbershagen Family at their Goschenhof Stud. The Family presented their beautiful mares and the unanimous star of the stud – PSE Atlanta (Nader al Jamal x Imperial Baarezah). The impressive stallion knew very well how to present himself to the audience. After the presentation, the group was invited to enjoy a wonderful BBQ in the beautiful garden of the Farm.
On the following day, the road led us to the Farm of Khamal El Assuad from the well known breeder Otto Schmidt. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good, but to see the mares proudly presenting their 2019 foals made it really up. We were also able to see that PSE Atlanta really left his stamp on his progeny.

Because of the rain everybody found shelter in the barn and had dinner with the candle lights and horses.

The second day was definitely colourful with all the umbrellas…

The mares of Otto Schmidt presented proudly offspring of PSE Atlanta

The next highlight on the tour was Eulenthal Stud in Unterpindhart of Klaus Buchberger and his lovely wife Christiane. We were at first greeted by the black pearl GE Salima Bint Shade (GR Madhin x Shade El Chamsin), who was also presented at the Eygptian Event. The Farm owners guided their guests through their noble farm and showed them all of their beautiful mares.

After a Coffee break the group had to say goodbye and head on to the last stop of the tour: Ponnath Arabians in Kemnath. Who doesn’t know the famous slogan of the Farm «follow your dreams….» and it was surely a dream, what Michael Ponnath was presenting to his guests. Michael Ponnath showed his two main mare families out of the Dahman Shahwan and the Saklawi Gidrani line with their 2019 progeny. On top of all, Michael Ponnath proofed once again his great sense and eye for choosing the right Stallions for his mares and was presenting his new chief sire from the USA: Madheen El Masr (EAI Silvereen x MB Deseena), a proven sire of many international champions. But also his homebred stallion Mashour Halim (El Thay Khemal Pasha x Malikah Halima) impressed so many visitors.

Michael Ponnat with family Buchberger

Also the Farmtour of 2019 organised by the Pyramid Society Europe was once more perfectly organised, thanks to the Breeders and Members of the PSE, who made such an effort to welcome guests and to present their stunning horses.

Maya Jones

Photographer of the tour: Carola Toischel, Maya Jones. Additional photos were taken from Ute Kreye.

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Registration Egyptian Event Europe 2019

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Ausschreibung Egyptian Event Europe 2019

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New location of the EEE – proved board re-elected at the AGM


This year’s AGM took place in the middle of Germany in an atmosphere of friendship and constructive exchange of ideas. The complete board was confirmed unanimous for another four years. The review of the president showed many activities and timeless efforts of each of the board members who have telephone conferences once a month.

Beside many administration tasks and regulations to follow up the activities went from Egyptian Event Europe and stud farm tours to Marocco 2015, through Germany 2016, Italy 2018 and visiting Kuwait this springtime as a big group of German breeders to newsletters several times a year and listening to the proposals of the members. This was a reason to look for invitations of a breeder for the AGM or having a meeting including horses as last year in Bavaria. This year the day of the purebred Arabian horse in Bavaria will be on the 21st and 22nd of September 2019.


In order to have more communication with the members and under each other the preparation of a new website was not easy but finally successful and the participants of the meeting agreed to the new version of the homepage presented by Bettina von Kameke. They also discussed and voted for an advertising pricelist which each member can use to present a stud, breeding, banner or horses for sale. The ad-fee will be used to pay for professional articles for our new website of more presence.


After finding a new location for the Egyptian Event Europe it was Heike Hain and her family who managed to organize three times a beautiful EEEs at the castle Dyck close to Düsseldorf. Everybody was glad and thankful for this historical scenery but this year the date of the EEE had to change because of ECAHO reasons and that was a problem for Dyck. Again a lot of research and kilometers but surprise, surprise, Heike was again successful and at the AGM she could announce the new facility at Schloss Löwenstein one hour south of Frankfurt. Everybody was happy to hear this news and is looking forward having a splendid Egyptian Event Europe 2019 at the 10th of August in a marvellous place which is used to hoof beats.

It was a pleasure to see the horses at the Hägerhof of the family Dill after finishing the AGM. The attitude towards the horses and the way of holding an living with them was more than impressive  and very natural. As star of the program and winner of the licensing the stallion GF Basim was presented under saddle but also the youngsters and the offspring in the big barn showed their quality and easy character. Many thanks for this lovely experience and pictures of Nicole Sachs.



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