Information to New Members

Welcome to the Pyramid Society Europe

The organisation was founded in 1974. Pyramid Society Europe members are an international group, now numbering in the hundreds from all over the world. They enjoy exciting, rewarding, and often downright amazing programs and opportunities for horses and their humans.

The PSE’s mission is: Preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.

Newcomers will find that the Pyramid Society Europe offers an inspired array of horse showings, educational seminars, youth activities, recreational adventures thrilling or relaxing, inspiring travels to exotic corners of the world, casual and formal social gatherings, abundant informational and research materials, and much more.

Our annual show, the Egyptian Event Europe, is now considered as one of the most beautiful and spectacular Arabian horse shows in Europe and is hosting an increasingly growing number of horses and spectators from Europe, Middle-East, Africa, South- and North America. This beautiful gathering is held annually last weekend of August.

Gorgeous horses are exhibited, bought, sold, and adored at every year’s Event. Breeding programs begun, vindicated and savoured. Everlasting friendships are made, prestigious awards are won, artworks are exhibited, bought and sold, memorable days and evenings are spent, and everyone seems to come away a little better than before.

Beyond the Egyptian Event, The Pyramid Society Europe offers numerous year-round member benefits and programs. We do also support other shows and activities in the name of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse and strives to provide relevant and valuable benefits and programs for each and every member, regardless of their level of participation. Whether it’s first-class marketing materials, exceptional educational opportunities, visibility and providing venues to showcase or sell your horses from our web-pages, The Pyramid Society Europe is there for you.

As friend of the Straight Egyptian horse, we are happy to wish you welcome to the society and look forward to many inspiring years ahead in the name of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.