Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel 85 years old


Breeding with intelligence and authencity – Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel 85 years old

Those who are able to celebrate 85 years in full health and look back on an interesting life may consider themselves very lucky. Hans Nagel, a successful entrepreneur and expert in Chicken breeding chose a hobby that not only gives him the necessary balance to his business life but one that also has an international dimension.

The Katharinenhof, named after his daughter who is already involved in the stud affaires, is the place for him to take a deep breath and recover from stress. It is his greatest joy to watch his foals jump through the park or listen to the herd in the morning when they steam towards the fields.

His love for the Arabian horse began with the mare Hanan with whom he founded a worldwide unique breeding line. Far away from following fashion trends and show activities he created his own breeding program wirth intelligence and reason, which today enjoys the highest recognition all over the world. Following almost 50 years of selection and consistent breeding, his horses have their very own appearance, testament to a key attribute to successful breeding – thinking in generations.

Nonetheless, this approach has a unique standing in today’s breeding world and provides a splendid example for all breeders. Hans Nagel has always remained authentic in his breeding and studbooks are still his prefeered form of documentation and the basis of any breeding study. Breeding programs are inevitably influenced by special circumstances, situations and opportunities. Hans Nagel had such an opportunity when he brought Ansata Halim Shah to Germany – thanks to his friendship with Judith Forbis. Likewise his numerous personal relationships and friendships connect the person Hans Nagel with countless breeders around the world.

For many years, amongst others president of the WAHO, president of the German Registry VZAP and founder of the All Nations Cup Hans Nagel used these personal contacts to solve problems and maintain harmony. Despite this not always being achievable, it is still the Arabian horse, which unites efforts and steers interests in a common direction.

To share his experience and knowledge is important to Hans Nagel. For this purpose, he explained his breeding concept in his books “Hanan” and “The Arabian Horse”, hoping that other breeders may benefit from his experience and ideas. He never closed his eyes while traveling the world but was always interested in and open for insights from history as well as new scientific methods and results.

Above all, however, the horse itself is always more important to Hans Nagel than its pedigree:” From the first glance it has to have an Arabian look and you have to recognize it without any doubt as an Arabian horse”.

The Pyramid Society Europe wishes Dr. Hans Nagel, an honorary member of the PSE, all the best for his birthday, health and time the most beautiful horses in the world.

Bettina von Kameke