Website Advertising

Discount Packages for members:

Response to our website has shown to be very good. We have for some time been offering the possibility to promote horses for sale as a free members service.

We are now pleased to extend this offering by our members at a low cost may also have the opportunity to promote the farm or stallion.

Please review our available advertising packages listed below, followed by single advertising opportunities.

Featured Farms (planned)

Cost: € XXX,-  per year
The highly visible “Featured Farms” section of the site has a navigational world map to find the featured farms, not only by name, but also by location, which will then provide a detailed profile of your farm:

  • Complete contact information (including e-mail and website)
  • Detailed description of your farm/breeding program (one page)
  • Photographs of your farm (up to ten)
  • List of services your farm offers
  • The option to include your breeding stallion(s)
  • The option to list your horse(s) for sale

Stallions Parade (planned)

Cost: € XXX,-  per year for members 
The “Stallions Parade” section is a place to display an intricate profile of your stallion(s) and generate great attention from other members and international viewers. Show your stallion off for the world to see!

  • Contact information of owner and farm where stallion is standing
  • Full pedigree of stallion
  • Year foaled, colour, and breeding fee
  • Detailed description of stallion (one page)
  • Photographs (up to ten)
  • VIDEO Option – we can now include a video of your stallion!

Horses for Sale

Cost-Free for members and only Straight Egyptian Horses

The Pyramid Society Europe’s “Horses for Sale” section offers a highly efficient and pleasing means for searching and browsing sale horses:

  • Contact information of owner (including e-mail and website)
  • Registration number of the horse for sale
  • Full pedigree of horse
  • Birth date, sex, colour, and type (Straight Egyptian or Egyptian-Sired/Bred)
  • Discipline(s) – Halter, Performance and/or Breeding
  • Detailed description of horse (up to 150 words)
  • Photographs (up to ten)
  • VIDEO option – we can now include a video of your horse for sale!

Web Banners

Cost: € 75,- per year for members (Free for Life Time Members)

The Web Banners are constantly rotating on every page. This eye-catching visual change draws attention to the displayed advertisements.

  • Your personal banner will display on every page of our website within a constant rotation. Therefor we need a  Flash – Film in 420 x 54 Pixel 
  • You can feature your farm, breeding program or a particular horse
  • Please contact web-master for more information or help.