EEE 2000 – Kauberplatte

EGYPTIAN EVENT EUROPE 2000 – Kauber plate


When the heart beats for Egyptians, then it struck in August, lilting waltz – for like two weekends in a row Egyptian horse needle the audience held its breath.

The first was the “Egyptian Event Europe” of the Pyramid Society at Kauber plate. International horses, international guests. Dr. Nasr Marei of Egypt traveled to the judging, which was by his German colleagues Sylvie Eberhardt, Walter Koch and Dr. Wolfgang Cranz supported. From Qatar Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Thani, was flown in, running his eyes wander with the eyes of an eagle on the presented horses. Had he discovered one that pleased him, he went immediately into action and submitted to the surprised owners an offer. It may well be that some of the winners will soon find their way “back” into the wilderness.

But who were the winners? When the young mares had not look far. In the championship was decided in favor of the excellent Nadirah El Shah (Shah x AK El Ahhim Nawaal), a worthy daughter of the estimated worldwide for their beauty AK Nawaal. It was not the first victory of this two-year class mare who trotted with verve and elegance in the heart of the judges. A great throw for the breeder and owner Rosemarie Kolster.

Nadirah El Shah is particularly interesting due to their valuable dam line: She goes to the brown daughter Bint Maisa El-Nazeer Saghira (x Maisa) back, which was imported in 1962 by Douglas B. Marshall of Egypt to the United States. There she created a sensation in the show ring and won the “Nationals” as the only daughter of Nazeer, not only by the hand, but also top ten awards under the saddle. The one and often all too seldom redeemed claim for “beauty and power” was filled with this mare as an example. Although it was not she pleased her owner until her untimely death with nine healthy foals, all imprinted their mark on the breed. The most important “stamp” was sure her son, Shaikh Al Badi (the father of Ali Ruminaja). It is gratifying that this blood is present in Germany through such a good mare.

Reserve Junior Champion at the judges and viewers then saw black. In the literal sense, especially since the fine black mare GR Marietta (Madallan-Madheen x Maria Halima) got the sash around the elegant neck. She moved and is owned by Annette and Erwin Escher, who have made especially by its black Egyptians, a name. The pedigree of GR Marietta reads then as a “black list” of Egyptian breeding: The father is the famous black stallion Madallan-Madheen (son of the “elite” mare Madinah), the mother is the black beauty Maria Halima, whose father Haziz Halim turn one of the few black sons of Ansata Ibn Halima was Typvererbers. Rigorous selection!

From Switzerland came the champion of the young stallions arrived: Heirogance (VP Regal Heir x Bataarha BSA), a compact athlete with a friendly face and flying kicks. Perfectly trained, perfectly presented, he could also back up the Reserve Champion of the international B-show.All in all a successful weekend for him and his proud owner Nayla Hayek. Heirogance is one of the few stallions in Europe, the decline in the female line to the famous Ansata Ibn Halima daughter Bint Deenaa (Mother of the type stallions stallions Anaza El Farid El Anaza Nizr and Ibn El Mareekh). Her daughter Taarifa (of Moatasim) is not only the grandmother of Heirogance, but also the mother of Imtaarif (Imperial Imdal), who this year won the Egyptian Event in the U.S..Championship titles are obviously in the family.

Reserve space on the state of the highly developed yearling Tabari (Ansata Sinan x Talia Halima), bred and owned by the Hain family. A straightforward long, enormously tall stallion with a curved, very good neck attached. He could have passed as a two-year-old, so strong and big as he is. The bone strength and substance, he seems to have inherited from his mother, a daughter statiösen Ruminaja Ali. The size and line could be explained by the high proportion Morafic-blood. Tabari presented with family grove in front of our third drawn from her Ansata Sinan son who could come to a major championship to show supervisors. Kudos!

One of the loveliest horses of the event was the little chestnut mare Kaliya (Al-Kaythara Kidir x Halima): Spirited and yet left them faced the judges, looked confident and proud about the whole place. An Arabian horse out of a picture book with natural charm and the swagger of a diva. No trained puppet, but a horse character with corners and edges. Their large eyes, round and dark like burning coals. Nostrils that widen in excitement as the calyx. Your body is closed and compact, everything is in its focus on movement. When trotting, she does great and seems to be only as a convenience to touch the ground. A powder keg on four legs! Seven years old and she is defeated in its class, the HMT Farima Minstril subsidiary, which later won the championship of the B-Show, and also “Best in Show” was. Important in this context: When the Egyptian Event type rating was multiplied by a factor of 3!
Kaliya is a mare, the sight of a widely compensated for the way that one might have come to see them. Not only Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Thani threw covetous eyes on them, no, even the judges could not resist her. To the delight of her owner Rosemarie Kolster Kaliya won the Reserve Senior Champion of the Egyptian events.

The senior championship and the title “Supreme Champion” secured the mare Sharika (El Thay Ibn Halim Shah x Hamasa Mirjah), which is owned by the Schmitz family-Thürsam. Rika damage is without doubt one of the most beautiful daughters of her father who died too soon and that in many respects very similar. Especially in the aisle she unfolded her charisma and showed her kindness.

In the senior stallions one could admire the “birth” a new star: Mosalli (Imperial Imdal Musalina x) came on and won! A mold with excellent transitions and fantastic erection that left no doubt that he is a genuine guy. A stallion, not a puppet. He threw himself prancing in the chest and paraded before challenging its competitors. “Make way,” he seemed to call out the other, “here comes the champion!” And just as it was.
Mosalli is highly expressed in the noble and knows how to move. His victory was not to be taken.He arrived in Israel on the stud of Uri Ariely to the world. His father is the U.S. star Imdal Imperial (Ansata and the Gleannloch lines connects), the mother comes from Malik. Currently he is on the lease in Belgium. It was a nice coincidence that Mosalli just could win on the board Kauber his first major victory. Because he returned to the cradle of his ancestors. His great-grandmother Naya (x Kaisoon Tuhotmos Nana) was born there almost exactly twenty-five years ago to the day the light of day. More than fitting that Mosalli won the “Supreme” titles and the Stallions was then crowned the “Egyptian of the Year”.

An old friend won the Reserve Senior Champion: Shahil (Maysoun Shahila x), bred by Karin and Guenter Maiworm and owned by Dottore Santoro from Italy. Very masculine and mature, he presented himself as a stallion for taking measurements. So did the judges and awarded him the highest score of the entire show.

The stallion Classic Shadwan (Alidaar x Bint Shagia Shadwan) by Annette and Erwin Escher was indeed reported for the Egyptian Event, started but then “only” at the international B-show.And there he stole the show and was under a lot of applause from the audience Senior Champion. With him, the mare HTM Farima as the best horse of the show and as Heirogance Reserve Junior Champion, the Egyptians showed once again that even in comparison to open competition need not fear.