Foto: Kerstin Anders

Foto: Kerstin Anders

11th -13. August 2000

What a sight! Noble Arabian horses were presented against the backdrop of baroque flowers in the “mansions gardens” near Hanover. Bright sunshine on all three days, beaming faces in the audience and a radiant smile at the owners place finisher and the winner! Even at the Asil Cup dominated purely Egyptian bloodlines and all championships were won by horses drawn Egyptian. The quality of the Champions was high, but more often behind it gaped a few significant gaps.

An Egyptian princess deserves a throne, and the Asil Cup they bekamt him: The three-year-old Princess of Egypt (Orayan of Maysoun x Shahneekha) the junior championships won before the one year younger Maida Bint Bint Mohssen (ET Shah Mabrouk x Bint Mohssen) .
The Princess of Egypt is in every respect an exceptional case – creamy, yet highly sophisticated, large but not coarse, long in the neck, but closed in the body. A horse to dream! It was not their first big win and it will also not have been her last. Her breeder and owner Horst Preuss, whose stallion Maydan Madheen (x Maysoun Mesoudah “M”) won the Senior Champion. He comes from the major breeding of Prof. Paufler from Gottingen. Maydan Madheen was in fine form – to him this weekend was no escaping. “His head and neck are great,” commented Judith Forbis, Ansata-owner of the stud and judge at the Asil Cup (along with Dr. Cranz, Dr. Khalil and Tamas Rombauer). If Maydan Madheen arched neck, nostrils flared and begins to prance, then one can hardly escape its magic. But he seems to be able to offer even more. His daughter Maydana Madheen (x Madallah Madheen) won her class and another daughter, Shaheera Madheen (x Shahneekha) won the foal championship
Maysoun The stallion is not only the father of Maydan Madheen and the grandfather of The Princess of Egypt. No, the Reserve Senior Champion Orashaan (x Orasha), bred and owned by Karin and Guenter Maiworm comes from him. So that was one of the most influential sires Maysoun the Asil Cup.

The Junior Champion was the quality of the stallions climax of the show. Here were two opposing horse that would teach at every show fear into the competition: Al Lahab (Laheeb x The Vision) and Kamsin Rodan (Ansata Sinan x Khediva Rodaniyah). Both are only yearlings, but were the winners of the two-year-olds and three year olds against their superior quality do nothing. Al Lahab was drawn by Uri Ariely and is owned by the Friedman family. He comes from a mix of the currently most popular American bloodlines – Imperial Imdal on the sire’s side, The Minstril double in the female line. A fine, noble, elegant and very correct young stallion. His movements were also remarkable. The judges rewarded him with the highest scores of the show: 19, 20 and 19 (it was awarded only a single overall score for each horse). If you were not at the Asil Cup and Al Lahab could not see, do not worry. Certainly, this victory was only the prelude to a spectacular show career.
Kamsin Rodan also bred and owned by family grove is very first quality. As a Reserve National Champion in Neustadt / Dosse still remember, he had to Asil Cup yet gained a tad. He seemed fine, dry and distinctive to be. He is also still available on many shows on the podium!

Also the Senior championship for mares was a feast for the eyes. Six horse competed for the attention of the judges and the audience. Not an easy decision, but the verdict was unanimous. Sabine von Elms flying mare Halim Shah I-1 (Halim Shah I x 227 Ibn Galal I) won the reserve championship. Motherhood coupled with the highest nobility!
The championship won by Dr. Freimüller solid and standing in his possession Barasha El Naarah (ET Ibn Halim Shah x Al Basra by Madkour), already in Neustadt / Dosse was unbeatable. What is there to say about this mare? Actually you should enjoy them in silence and reverence, for horses as they are rare. When you meet them, you will remember a long time. I can only recommend everyone to call the owner and arrange a viewing. Go and enjoy. You will not regret it! That Barasha El Naarah the title of “best horse of the show” was scarcely needs mentioning. Even this ruling was unanimous. Judge Judith Forbis could hardly see enough of her. “It was one of my best and simplest tasks judge,” she said after the championships. “Barasha El Naarah is beautiful. No doubt, this mare has everything you need for an Arabian horse!” Nothing to add.

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