EEE 2002 – Winterlingen

EGYPTIAN EVENT EUROPE 2002 – in Winterlingen


“The Best Straight Egyptian 2002” was a mare from Egypt!

This Egyptian Event Europe (EEE) was absolutely a highlight in the long line of show events since the founding of the Pyramid Society Europe on 02/18/1987. The event not only straight Egyptian Arabian horses from Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, England and Germany) have been reported, but also from Qatar and Egypt. Visitors from Australia, Kuwait and all the aforementioned countries followed the events in our Staight Egyptians. Our special thanks to HH Sheikha Lulua Al Sabah and Al Amjed Mr. Jaffery for the acquisition of patronage and of course the family Letsch, directing the show and well-organized.

The whole show was the big winner of the Egyptian Al Badeia Stud Stud by Dr. Nasr Marei from Cairo. With Al Tasabeth Badeia (AB) AB v. Nasr ad Sabaiat AB, he won the class of 2 j. Mares against two typical, gang violence fillies from the stud Escher, Rothenburg (GR Amaretta v. Classic Shadwan and GR Marianah v. Madallan Madheen), which was all the same score hatten.Die unique top mare from the stud Al Badeia but Gegelah Al Badeia . A now 7 j. Gray mare with outstanding Arabian type, large dark eyes, excellent neck and very good conformation, a striking beauty! She received the highest score of the show, won the Championship, Supreme Champion and “Best Straight Egyptian of the show” was. Gelgelah for taking measurements is a mare! She was already national and international champion in Egypt. The pairing of AB with the mother Anhar widely known in Egypt U.S. import stallion Imperial Madori (owned by Omar Sakr Stud, Cairo) was, as far as I know vorgenommen.Die, then twice-born fillies (Gelgelah, 1995 and Galagel, 1996) are similar significantly Gelgelah probably a little more type. AB is the mother over the father Anhar AmirAB Kayed and back-to Morafic. Amir AB, which was sold to Qatar, is also the father of the multi-champion Farid AB, a highly refined and typey stallion, stud of the day the Pasha and the great favorite of his owner, Dr. Marei. The mother of the line AB Anhar goes back to the Bint Yosreia, a full sister of the great sire bred by Aswan.Diese Anhar AB 1994 was met with Imperial Madori, einkraftvoller stallion is out of the Imperial Stud in the USA.Das interesting thing about this horse that he was a son born in Germany and world-renowned Imperial is Madheen, the successful breeding stallion on all continents of the earth. Imperial Madori has shown for years that he was with the Egyptians in the country bringing the best offspring. Meanwhile, Imperial is Madheen even after his wanderings from the U.S., Canada and Argentina over in Egypt, the land of his ancestors arrived. In the class of 4-7j. Mares stood at 2nd position Remarqable KA (v.Marquis I, B. Kullmann) and dirkt behind Tamina (v.Maydan Madheen, B. Hain). Gelgelah AB had in the Supreme Championship against the junior champion, the 3j. El Thay (ET) Kamla , who had become two weeks before National Junior Champion in Neustadt / Dosse enforced. ET Kamla Kamla II by Mashour, bred and owned by Cornelia Tauschke, Großenkneten, also has an excellent and very best type of harmony in the physique. The mother Kamla II is one of the most beautiful daughters of Ansata Halim Shah and unforgettable from the Mona III, who represents the Moheba line. The father Mashour, the premier stallions of the stud El Thayeba is, by Madkour I (Hadban-Enzahi) from the ET Bint Kamla (dam by Kamla II). ET Kamla is the product of a breeding line to Kamla II and Ansata Halim Shah (father of Kamla II and maternal grandfather and paternal ET Bint Kamla). In her class was behind on the second Kamla ET Place Maydana Madheen v. Maydan Madheen, owned stud v. Dr. Selva from Italy.The yearling mares presented with HP Shabbura the Reserve Champion. A brown filly with a beautiful head, a perfect body with fine Collar. She comes from the National Champion and multi-Maydan Madheen U.S. ad mare Shaneekha bred and owned by Horst Preuss, Hörden.Shaburra HP is certainly a filly with a great future. Only one point behind it was to find in its class Authentic Nabeelah v. Nabeel II ad Nawaal AK, owned and signed by R. Kolster.The mares were a strong class. At the top stood the 9 j. Samara El Naraah v. ET Ibn Halim Shah, Z., and B. Dr. Freimüller, Mönheim. The mother Sununu (v.EL Nowasy) has about the grandmother nor the stallion Shaklana Shaker El Masri (by El Shaklan father) in Pedigree.Samara is a very typey, elegant mare with very good frame and gears. El Thay Ibn Halim Shah is the stud for Dr. Müller free and safe for all of us an unforgettable stallion. I am thinking also of the mare Barasha El Naarah, the Asil Cup World Champion 2000th At secondPlace in this group was the daughter Maysoun-Mansoura (Matala Bint Marah ad) in R. v. B. Armbruster to finden.Auch Gameelah (v. Ruminaja Ali, B. Dr. Selva, Italy) and Fatima XVII (v.Nejdy B. Fam. Dirnhofer) had a high score and all a lot of type.Among the stallions I would like to start with the top animals. Yes is good to breed stallions are very schwierig.Die breeding requirements and should also be very high. The group of old stallions was very impressive. With MA Alishah v. Ruminaja Ali AK Shahgat ad she placed the stallion champion and also the Supreme Champion. The 7 j. Stallion is already well known, was a gold-award winner and seniors at the stallion registration in Aachen, and even more to look forward. This new victory was certainly a new peak. He showed type, charisma and best courses, a Ruminaja Ali-son of the same group were best Klasse.In him Zekhiel MB (v.Royal Mikhiel, B. Bentschikon, Belgium), El Masri Salaam (Ansata el Salaam, B . Kretschmann) and Dalia Halim (Halim Shah v.Ansata, B. Kesseböhmer) hot on his heels.The class of 4-7 j. Stallions had a good tip. Here again, the family could Kullmann, now withTahir v. Imperial Imdal ad beautiful Tiffaha the winners plaque (from the famous artist Van Danzik designed and manufactured) abholen.Von Tahir we can certainly expect a lot more. The secondPlace with the same score received Mahadin v. Madkour I adMahameh, B. Al Hamra, Austria. In the championship was then placed before Mahadin Tahir and was reserve champion of the stallion behind Alishah MA.In the colts was Al Ayad v. Moheeb ad Al Mamunah by Maysoun, owned by M. Wenzel, Schwienau, the bright junior champion. The father is an El Moheeb Shahwan Mahameh ad. Al Ayad is a stallion with a lot of Arabian type, he gave me last year already fallen well Velgen. A well-developed 3-year-old with a future. Immediately behind it stood by Ansata Shaamir Shaamir Ali B. Ali Shaamir Partnership, Italy.The reserve champion of the young stallions came from the class of 2 j.Hengste: Pyramid Aalinv.Ali Valentino ad pyramid Set El Nil, B. and T. Wagner, Ammerbuch. A typey, classy, ​​strong moving and sometimes colored colt. Ali Valentino proves once again its very good inheritance.Authentic Khazim by Maysoun ad very typey Kaliya could also be seen, he came on the secondPlatz, BR Kolster.In the yearling stallions with the Fam Wagner was Al Khayyat front again with a son of Bint Ali Valentino Kahila. A magnificent chestnut with a lot of charisma. Behind him, a visitor from Qatar was on the second Place: Al Naif Sajem Ansata Shalim, B. Al Naif Stud, he was a class winner at the International C-Show in Qatar this year.The Supreme Champions each received an original charcoal drawing by Raphael Sanchez, by the Pyramid Society Europe presented. The trophy for the best filly in the must be the owner and the breeder was, by the sponsor, the Spouses. Hain, Koppelow, to C. Tauschke for El Thay Kamla . presents Pyramid Aalin , B. Wagner stud, Ammerbuch was the best home-grown colt; this trophy was the stud Horst Preuss, Hörden donated and handed over. The silver trophy, the stud man’s sister-Lawless was donated and handed over, with great applause at the Al Badeia Stud in Cairo for the outstanding and very typey Gelgelah Al Badeia passed. Dr. Nasr Marei was overjoyed. This conclusion could not be better for the organizers: The Egyptians of the best show on the Egyptian Event Europe came directly from the land of our ancestors straight Egyptian Arabian horse!

S. Paufler