EEE 2004 – Baden-Baden



After a successful debut in the summer of 2003 organized the “Pyramid Foundation Europe” the EEE for the second time at the racetrack Iffezheimer. Nearly seventy Egyptians came before the judge. To many visitors was too little, but that show (and even then limited to certain bloodlines!) suffers no lack of news today? The quality was nothing to be desired in any case, even small classes were exciting until the very end.

For the fourth time a mare “Egyptian woman of the year”. After Dalima Shah (1999), Samirah F (2001) and Elf Layla Walayla (2003) Loubna was now in the list of “best of the best” one.

She goes on Asal Sirabba (Sirecho x Habba) back to Bint Bint Sabbah (Dahman Shahwan), one of four founders of the Babson Stud mares, USA. With today’s Arabs, the Babson mare elegant in appearance, however, has little in common.

Why was Loubna, now jointly owned by Portsdown Arabians (USA) and Ariela Arabians (Israel), after the successful 2003 show season again to Baden-Baden?
“We have been breeding Egyptian Arabian horses and want to show a large audience. A show like the Egyptian Event is for the Egyptian horse a great platform, “said Chen Kedar, Ariela Arabians.

After they had last year, had difficulties with the transportation of many trophies, she was back in front of a (pleasant) transportation problem: a valuable Arab saddle and a portrait of the stallion Ansata Manesseh the internationally renowned artist Anneliese Muschler, Chen Kedarr for the title of best Egyptian and the horse with the highest scores receive.

With great hope was Thomas traveled with his Bobrzyk Dahmraks Ahira Halima to Baden-Baden. The prelude to the National Championships had been promising, the EEE was the mare, the “great misfortune” to have to compete just against Loubna. Her second place was no disgrace against such a mare.

The reserve championship went to the mares Samara El Naraah (ET Ibn Halim Shah x Sununu).

The Sound familiar? No wonder she won last year in a very strong class, what could forward her breeder Dr. Helmut Müller-free just like a championship. This year he looked to win “his” mare again, but now it is Saudi-owned.

Alisha MA can be described as a quiet conscience “veteran” for many years, he always returns to the show ring. At age 19 he was the oldest horse in the show, but not a minute acted as a senior. Rather, “tickled” Frank Spönle the most out of it – you rarely saw Alisha MA (Ruminaja Ali x AK Shahgat) feel better and livelier.

MA Alisha had another “veteran” behind it: the World and Nations Cup Champion Hadidi (x Lift up Norus Allah). A mighty stallion bred by Gleannloch Farms, the mother Lift up Allah (ad Sohair II) was a Morafic subsidiary and one of the most beautiful mares that were still on the 1992 Farm Gleannloch, shortly before its dissolution. Norus breed has its origin in Marbach, he was a son of Nadia Gharib.

In the championship of the MA Alishah was not considered. The reserve championship was awarded to the runner-up class – Hadidi.

The Senior Championship Farres recorded for themselves. 2003 Farres arrived Mosalli not pass, this time the competition was strong. World and All Nations Cup Champion Hadidi, multi-champions like Alisha and MA Kamsin Rodan were serious competitors. Farres was impressed with its type, the well-placed neck, beautiful topline and prevailed.

Another starter was from Israel: Massubi (HF Darius x Tamar Manara). “We have again unlucky to lose,” says breeder and owner Eli Arad. “Last year was also Massubi Reserve Junior Champion. Total Massubi in Europe but can look back on an outstanding show career, but he is only three years old! ”

The pedigree of the stallion’s fine leaves nothing to be desired. He is a grandson of Ansata Hejazi, the mother comes from and goes back to Imperial Imdal of the Gleannloch Farms imported Dahman Shahwan Dahma Il mare Ashekwar.

Actually wanted Achim Dirnhofer Report no horse to EEE 2004th At a photo session impressed photographer Gigi Grasso and trainer Robert Schlereth him that his young stallion DF Malik Jamil should necessarily be shown. The persuasion of the two was worth it: In the class, DF Malik Jamil was excellent, got three times the score 20 for the type. He won just ahead Massubi, and so was the order of the Junior Championship.

With the highest score of all junior left Shakawa Albadeia (ad Galagel Albadeia) the ring and later became Reserve Junior Champion. As suggested by its name suggests, it is another treasure from the breeding program of Dr. Nasr Marei. Her mother is a full sister to World Champion Gelgelah Albadeia, her father was the star of Albadeia Stud, Farid Albadeia.

Owner Peter Niebauer could hardly believe his luck: “We have only visited Egypt, because one of our friends have bought there 20 years ago, his first horse. Shakawa has us intrigued that we would have so much success with it, so we did not expect. “Nasr Marei know of course about the quality of his horses, he was persuaded while to sell Shakawa, but a portion remained in the mare .

The championship of the young mares, however, went to Princess Madheen (from Maydan Madheen). Her mother Princess Of Egypt has left a big impression on the judges and audience. Hardly a show on this mare was not successful. No wonder so many highly anticipated her first foal. But in none is the tension have been greater than that of Horst Preuss, breeder and owner of Princess of Egypt.

In the charming chestnut mare Princess Madheen Horst Preuss combines his two mares: Shahneekha Mesoudah and-M. She is the daughter of Horst Preuss declared favorite at stud, Maydan Madheen, even a multiple champion.

“I prefer short, long-legged horses and elegant,” says Horst Preuss. This should Madheen Princess accurately represent his ideal.

The foals are making the future, and thanks to Amira Madheen Horst Preuss need to worry his breeding. It comes from the tried and tested by mating with Maydan Madheen Shahneekha and is a three quarter sister to Junior Champion. The reserve championship won Kullmann family with Farid El Dahab (MA v. Alisha), the first foal of her successful Remarqable mare, who won their classes on the EEE.

The supporting program again was the stallion parade. Eleven magnificent stallions, the youngest just two, the oldest 18 years, impressed the audience. The audience could experience first hand the stallions. Too bad that was occupied on Sunday only half the stallion parade, because many owners wanted to show his star fresh in the afternoon classes. From owners vision completely understandable. Perhaps it could be the next EEE the stallion parade on Sunday afternoon, following the transfer of classes.

Egyptian Event Europe 2004 – Results:

Foal Champion:
Amira Madheen (Maydan-Madheen Shahneekha x)
Z. H. Preuss, owner. : Fam Schwestermann

Foal Reserve Champion:
Farid El Dahab (MA Remarqable Alisha x)
Z / owner: Fam. Kullmann

Junior Champion Filly:
Princess Madheen (Maydan-Madheen x Princess Of Egypt)
Breeder: H. Preuss, owner:. J. Preuss and M. Reed man

Jun.-Res Champion:
Al Shakawa Badeia (Farid Al Al Badeia Galagel Badeia x)
Breeder: Al Badeia Stud, owner:. P. Niebauer and Dr. N. Marei

Junior Champion:
DJ Malik Jamil (Hafid Jamil x Amouva)
Z. / Bes. Dirnhofer A.

Jun.-Reserve Champion:
Massubi (HF Darius x Tamar Manara)
Z. / Bes. T., and E. Arad

Senior Champion:
Loubna (Imperial Imperial Kalatifa Imdal x)
Breeder: Ariela Arabians, owner:. Ariela Arabians Stud, and Portsdown

Sen. Res-Champion:
El Samara Naraah (ET Ibn Halim Shah x Sununu)
breeder: Dr. H. Freimüller, Bes. : Sheikh Khaled Ahmed Bagedo

Senior Champion:
Farres (Anaza El Farid x Shameerah)
Breeder: D. Teitrick, Bes. M. Resch

Sen.-Reserve Champion:
Hadidi (x Lift up Norus Allah)
Z.: Gleannloch Farms, owner:. I. Arsenault and F. Grotteria

Top 5 mares:

Loubna (Imperial Imperial Kalatifa Imdal x)

Samara El Naraah (ET Ibn Halim Shah x Sununu)

Ma-Ajmala (The Minstril x Hawas)

Dahmraks Ahira Halima (ET Manial Shah Amal Halima x)

Remarqable (Marquis I x AK Malia)

Top 5 Stallions:

Farres (Anaza El Farid x Shameerah)

MA Alisha (Ali x AK Ruminaja Shahgat)

Hadidi (x Lift up Norus Allah)

Ansata Najdi (x Ansata Iemhotep Ashrah DWA)

Kamsin Rodan (Ansata Sinan x Khediva Rodaniyah)

Best coach:

1st Team Frank Spönle

2nd Team Scott Allman

3rd Team Eric Dorssers